BØRRESEN ACOUSTICS products are delivered with a 5-year warranty. We offer this warranty because we take pride in delivering high quality products that you can trust. It is also important to us that you feel safe when you do business with us.

Remember that the 5-year warranty is only valid if you can provide the original receipt of your purchase. It is therefore important that you save your receipt.

1. How long is the warranty valid?
The warranty is valid for 5 years from the date the product was delivered to customer from BØRRESEN ACOUSTICS retailer on a given market.

The customer must be able to document where and when the product has been purchased, by providing the receipt.

2. What does the warranty cover?
The warranty covers the product’s ability to function during the warranty period.

It is solely up to BØRRESEN ACOUSTICS to decide whether a non-functioning product is to be repaired, exchanged with an equivalent product or whether the customer should be compensated the value of the product financially. Any other demand by the customer, e.g. compensation for loss is excluded.

3. Which products are covered by the warranty?
All BØRRESEN ACOUSTICS products are covered by the warranty.

4. What is exempt from the warranty?

  • The warranty is only valid if the product is solely for private use, and only if the product has not been used more intensely than regular private use.
  • Damage to the product caused deliberately or due to gross negligence.
  • Unforeseeable or careless damage to the product, hereunder (but not limited to) misuse, lack of maintenance, lack of compliance with instructions, faulty installation and connection or connection to a faulty voltage level, damage caused by a chemical or electrotechnical reaction, rust, corrosion or water damage.
  • Damage caused by products due to circumstances that neither BØRRESEN ACOUSTICS or the customer is responsible for, hereunder (but not limited to) weather conditions, theft, unnatural environmental conditions, fluctuation in power supply, fire etc.
  • Consumer parts that can be assumed to have a shorter life span than the warranty period under regular use.
  • Non-functional and decorative parts, that don’t affect regular use of the product, herunder scratches, bumps and any changes in color.
  • Indirect damage or damages arising from dropping the product.
  • Repairs not done by BØRRESEN ACOUSTICS service providers and any deterioration of the product, due to unauthorized service
  • Repairs caused by faulty installation or installations not performed according to the specifications.
  • The warranty no longer applies to the product, if the customer has replaced parts of the product with unoriginal parts.
  • The warranty no longer applies to the product, if the relevant serial number is not available or is damaged.
  • Transport damage. If the client transports the product home or to another address on their own, BØRRESEN ACOUSTICS cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs during transport. If BØRRESEN ACOUSTICS is responsible for the delivery to the clients delivery address, any product damage will be covered by BØRRESEN ACOUSTICS.
  • Software updates are not covered by the warranty, unless they are a result of lack of function.

5. Warranty cases in practice
Warranty cases are in practice handled by an authorized BØRRESEN ACOUSTICS retailer.

6. Choice of law
Any dispute that may arise from this agreement is subject to Danish law.