When designing equipment for the reproduction of recorded music, your only objective is to remove yourself from the proceedings as completely as possible.


BØRRESEN 0-series and Z-series:

From compact stand-mounted loudspeakers to floor-standing flagship models
When BØRRESEN Acoustics embarked on the endeavor to create the ultimate loudspeaker, they set themselves some overriding goals: Reengineering the driver technology, optimizing the crossover network, bringing inductance down to the absolute minimum, and providing the new loudspeakers with the best mechanical grounding and resonance control.

All BØRRESEN loudspeakers of both series share the same audio characteristics: An unprecedented musical authenticity, absolutely balanced and very natural in sound. The higher series provide an even greater midrange clarity, a deeper bass response and an amazingly holistic, authentic soundstage.

O-Series: No compromise

BØRRESEN Acoustics began with the launch of the highly acclaimed and award-winning 0-series of premium loudspeakers. Willing to break new ground, they designed innovative electronic components, used unconventional materials and employed state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.
For the bass/midrange drivers, a new and unique iron-free magnet system was installed which is replacing is replacing ferrite magnets with 4 opposing, extremely powerful neodym ring magnets.
The tweeter also represents a complete proprietary design. With an ultra-light membrane - with a moving mass of only 0.01 grams - it allows for no upper-frequency limitations with instantaneous response.
Neither expense nor effort was spared in the attempt to create ultimate high-end speaker models that have set absolutely new standards for authentic audio performance.
Since all of these audio components are engineered and assembled in-house, highest quality standards are permanently ensured.

Z-series: Challenge accepted

The principle that guided the development of the Z-series loudspeakers was to provide an uncompromising high-end audio performance with more conventional components than the 0-series.
Unwilling to make any compromise in high-end audio performance or manufacturing quality - distinctive characteristics for which BØRRESEN Acoustics has developed itself a reputation - the technology behind the Z-series consists of electronic components that are either adopted from the 0-series, completely redesigned, or are innovative spin offs resulting from BØRRESEN Acoustics’ extensive audio research activities.


The BØRRESEN Silver Supreme Edition loudspeakers represent the absolute flagship version among the BØRRESEN loudspeakers.
The patented BØRRESEN magnet motor has been further refined. Since silver has turned out to have the highest specific electrical conductivity of all metals, we replaced the copper pole rings by in-house manufactured, handcrafted silver rings. As a result, induction could be reduced to a stunning, so far unprecedentedly low level.
To take full advantage of all the performance enhancing audio properties of the new Silver Supreme Edition, all metal components of this premium loudspeaker series are subjected to a cryogenic treatment. This reduces their inductance further.
The result is absolute musical purity. With their unadulterated authenticy of musical reproduction, these premium loudspeakers set a new and unsurpassed standard – clarity, refinement and sound staging at its very best.


BØRRESEN Cryo Edition: The cryogenic treatment of the speakers’ metal components results in a further improvement of conductivity – unleashing finest and most subtle musical details.
When metal components undergo cryogenic processing, they are subjected to extreme cooling. In the wake of this process, the crystal structure of the metal contracts more and more. Alloying elements are pushed out of the grain structure of the metal, which now becomes very similar to a monocrystal. These structural changes in the metal have a profound effect on its audio properties, resulting in an increase of conductivity. The result is literally opening up a new dimension of musical performance. A sound that is crystal clear, truly natural and utmost refined.

Every detail has been carefully applied, contributing with function and stunning musical performance. The finish is flawless with beautifully crafted veneer and many other visual details.



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