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All Børresen loudspeakers in both series share the same audio characteristics: An unprecedented musical authenticity, absolutely balanced and very natural in sound. The higher series offer even greater midrange clarity, a deeper bass response and an amazingly holistic, authentic soundstage.

What is Børresen?

Børresen Acoustics offers two different speaker series: the 0-Series and the Z-Series.

When we embarked on the endeavor to create the ultimate loudspeaker, we set ourselves some overriding goals: Reengineering the driver technology, optimizing the crossover, bringing inductance down to the absolute minimum, and providing the loudspeakers with the best mechanical grounding and resonance control.

From the impressive compact speakers to the top-of-the-line floor-standing models, all Børresen speakers are unique, in that they represent a quantum leap in speaker technology and incorporate fundamentally new and patented technologies.

The distinctive shape of the speakers combines acoustic intent with a distinctive Scandinavian design that blends beautifully with the décor of any home.







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